CCIA and CCEE certifications to Retire soon!

Find out how to upgrade and keep your certification current with just one exam!
Limited time option.

Citrix announced its decision to retire its top CCIA and CCEE certifications effective November 28th, 2014. To stay current, you will then be required to pass multiple new exams in order to attain the latest CCP-V or CCE-V certifications.

Quick One Exam Upgrade!
For a limited time only, those with current CCIA or CCEE certifications, can easily upgrade to the latest CCP-V or CCE-V certifications by simply passing one exam. You must act now to stay current and enhance your marketability, while this one exam upgrade option is still available!

CCIA-CCEE Upgrade Infographic


You will need only one exam to upgrade to the latest certification and stay current!

  1. CCIA : CXD-400 with free exam voucher included
  2. CCEE : CXD-300 with free exam voucher included
  3. CCA   : CXD-203 with free exam voucher included

To learn more about Citrix announcement and how you can benefit by taking timely action, please refer to Citrix Announcement

Stay current, upgrade with just one exam while you still can.

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