New Check Point Certification Model

Effective January 31, 2021, Check Point is changing their Certification model. Introducing these changes will encourage partners and students to maintain active Check Point certifications and expand their knowledge on more technology beyond the core network security training. Key changes to the program include: • Allowing security professionals with active core certifications to extend the […]

Creating Objects within the Check Point SmartConsole

Check Point policies revolve around Objects which allows an administrator to filter traffic based on which object represent the source or the destination. Some objects, like Security Zones, services and application, etc., are available by default when a site is first deployed. Deployment specific objects like Networks, Host objects, IP Address ranges, etc., must be […]

Citrix Cloud: Yours, Mine, and Ours

I remember conversations with management when the concept of “The Cloud” first appeared that suggested that once you moved your workload to the cloud you could pretty much just forget about it. It was never true, but it sounded good to upper management. They also believed early on that moving to the Cloud was going […]

Introducing Veeam Training

Layer 8 Training is pleased to announce our partnership with Veeam as an Authorized Education Center (VAEC). Veeam Technical Training helps organizations optimize their investment in Veeam and provides the confidence to use their data to grow their business without fear of data loss or corruption. Adding Veeam training to our portfolio is another step in creating solutions to satisfy your training needs. […]

SmartConsole Administrative Tasks – Check Point

I often get questions about the differences between the R80.10 and the newer iterations, especially from a SmartConsole perspective and my answer is “Nothing significant.” While there are numerous changes at the kernel level and with added performance enhancements, there is little difference in how administrative tasks are completed via the SmartConsole. For instance, R80.40 […]

Introduction to Check Point Appliance Administration

When new administrators begin their career in Check Point deployments, a common question is: “Which is better to use? GUI configuration or CLI configuration?” In some cases using the GUI option is the better option … especially if you’re not comfortable with the cli interface … while in other situations, using the cli may be […]

HTTP to SSL Redirect: 3 Methods, 1 Result

We all know the internet is taking over every aspect of our lives. Shopping, banking, and communicating are all processes that we do almost every day online. As we move to doing more and more, it becomes that much more important to make sure that all of our interactions are secured and protected. That’s why […]

Managing a Virtual App and Desktop Environment with Powershell

In the last blog article, my co-worker shared several nice tips using the Command Line (CLI) on the Citrix ADC (formerly Netscaler). In this article, I thought I’d share a few CLI tips for Citrix Virtual App and Virtual Desktop (formerly Xen App and Xen Desktop). The CLI tips I will be sharing are more […]

Layer 8 is a Nutanix Authorized Training Center

Layer 8 Training is pleased to announce our partnership with Nutanix as an Authorized Training Center (ATC). Nutanix training provides system administrators and engineers with the critical skills and knowledge they need to successfully implement and manage Nutanix solutions. Adding Nutanix training to our portfolio is another step in creating solutions to satisfy your training […]

3 Quick Tips for Citrix ADC (NetScaler)

Welcome to our first tips article. So, let’s just do some simple quick hits for the Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler) to get things started. 1. Working with Server Certificates/Certkeys in the CLI Since Citrix ADC 11.1 released, the GUI has tried to make it easier to create certkeys (pointers to the certificate/private key pair files) […]