Storage Training

Secure, accessible data with high integrity is critical to the way organizations conduct business -- from customer transactions at thousands of retail locations to providing must have information for high touch services such as healthcare and finance.  Data storage infrastructure and technology facilitates this web of transactions and communications.  The ongoing growth in volume of data communication, the amount of data being stored and the increasing complexity of how this data must be searched, sorted and assembled to meet these needs, the skills required for professionals managing this data storage infrastructure are constantly changing.  Layer8 can help your IT professionals keep up with these changing needs with our Data Storage Training program.  Our vendor and certification courses cover the key data storage training needs you have, including:

  •  Storage Virtualization
  •  Storage Installation and Configuration
  •  SAN Disk Array Management
  •  SAN Thin Provisioning
  •  Capacity Management
  •  Storage Networking
  •  Data Backup and Recovery
  •  Big Data Technology and Process
  •  Cloud Storage
  •  Storage Security
  •  Storage Scalability
  •  Fiber Channel over Ethernet and TRILL
  •  Vendor specific solutions