Security Training

The networks and information assets of every organization are at risk of being compromised at any time.  What stands between your network/data and these threats is state of the art technology and highly skilled IT security professionals who know how to apply that technology and associated guidelines to ensure your business and data are safe. The skill set required to effectively manage IT Security and Information Assurance (IA) is complex and ever changing.  This is where Layer8 can help you address the needs and challenges of securing your assets.  Our vendor-based and best practices security training provides the key skills and knowledge your security professionals can’t be without as you re-invent your infrastructure to meet the demand for new services and ubiquitous access.  Layer8’s cyber security training and certifications turn classroom instruction into real world applied skills in core practices including:

  •  Network Security
  •  Application Security
  •  Data Leak Prevention
  •  Disk and File Level Encryption Solutions
  •  Ethical Hacking
  •  Forensic Analysis
  •  Identity & Access Management
  •  Incident Handling & Analysis
  •  Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  •  Penetration Testing
  •  Threat/Vulnerability Assessment
     and more