Mobility Training

For the workforce of today, mobile usage has expanded far beyond its humble voice communication beginnings.  Now workers routinely access data, remote desktops, applications and services from a wide range of devices, from anywhere at any time.  This mobile workforce’s ever expanding needs are driven by their use of a wide spectrum of tablet, phone and alternative computing devices coupled with the demand for ubiquitous access to enterprise applications.  Delivering on these needs requires a robust community of skilled professionals capable of employing the best practices of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) in deploying and managing the IT assets required to facilitate, deliver and secure mobile communication and collaboration activity.  Layer8’s Enterprise Mobility Management training curriculum covers the entire spectrum of roles and responsibilities that enable effective EMM.  Our portfolio of courses covers the key EMM skills and knowledge your IT pros need to keep your mobile enterprise effectively working on the go.

  • Mobile device management
  • BYOD policy, security & management
  • Mobile application management
  • Network authentication
  • Data encryption and transfer
  • Installing client certificates
  • Mobile commerce integration
  • User profile and policy management
  • Pushing apps to a device
  • And more