Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find more information about Citrix’s recertification policy?

We have a page dedicated to more information about Citrix’s recertification policy. If you still have questions, please contact us!


Does the Recertification Program apply to students whose certification has expired?

Unfortunately, the recertification program only applies to students whose certification is expiring, not expired.


How often is content updated?

New training content is released and updated on a regular basis, however if you are a subscriber and cannot find training material on a specific topic, Citrix wants to know about it. Please let Citrix know by submitting a ticket on Citrix’s help page.


Why do certain labs require me to schedule them in advance?

Some of Citrix’s courses include persistent cloud labs that span several days and require provisioning time. In order to ensure this type of lab can be successfully provisioned, Citrix requires that you schedule the lab ahead of time via a request form.


What is Virtual Office Hours?

Virtual Office Hours is feature exclusive to students with an active All-Access eLearning subscription. You can request to speak with an Instructor about concepts that pertain to eLearning content. These 30 minutes calls are currently only offered in English. If you have administrative questions or experiencing problems with the site, please contact Support.


How can I request Virtual Office Hours?

All-Access students can request office hours one at a time from their My Account & Training dashboard. Once the call is completed or cancelled, you can request another call.


What are the terms?

See Citrix’s terms of service here.


When does my single eLearning course voucher expire?

Your single eLearning course voucher expires one year from date of purchase. Once redeemed the voucher will provide you with access to the course for 90 days, but it could be less time if your voucher’s expiration date is less than 90 days away.



Does Layer8 accept Citrix Vouchers?

Yes! We do accept Citrix vouchers. Please contact for more information on how to apply your Citrix voucher on a Layer8 Training class.


If I have a Citrix Voucher, do Layer8 promotions apply to me?

Unfortunately, if you have a Citrix voucher, our special promotions will not apply to you. Our promotions only apply if you purchase directly through our website.


Do Layer 8’s Nutanix students get access to the Education and Support portal?

Yes! Attending a class by one of Nutanix’s partners provides the same benefits as does a Nutanix hosted class: access to the customer portal and all e-learning. An exam voucher is also provided with the purchase of a Layer 8 class to attempt the NCP certification.


More Training Information

Where can I find Layer8’s current promotions?

You can find our current promotions on our promotions page.


What does GTR mean?

GTR is a commonly used acronym in the technology training industry. GTR means Guaranteed-to-Run, which ensures that the class you have chosen will run as scheduled. If you enroll in a class that is not Guaranteed-to-Run, your class may not run. If you have more questions about whether or not a class is Guaranteed-to-Run or not, please contact us at


How do I know whether a class will run as scheduled?

If your class is marked as Guaranteed-to-Run, your class is guaranteed to run as scheduled. If it is not, it may not run, dependent on class enrollment. Find our list of Guaranteed-to-Run classes here.


What types of payment does Layer8 accept?

We take credit cards over the phone and online, but we also accept POs and invoices. Please contact us at for more information on how to pay!


I’m having trouble checking out. What can I do?

If you are having trouble, please contact us by phone at 888-504-8872.


Who do I contact if I’d like to purchase over the phone or ask more questions concerning training?

Please call us at 888-504-8872 and ask for one of our Training Advisors! They will be able to answer your questions and take payment over the phone if you decide on a class.



How do I enroll in a class?

To enroll in a class, simply check out online or call us at 888-504-8872 to enroll in a class. You can also contact us through email at


How do I know that I’ve been enrolled in a class?

Once we have received confirmation that you’d like to enroll in a class, we will send you an email with the details of your class (Date, Time, Type of Class). Please note the details of the email, including what you need to do prior to starting your class.


Preparing for Class

Where do I locate class hours and information?

You can find class hours and information in a couple of places. Once you have enrolled in a class, we will send you a confirmation email that will list class hours and information. You can also find class hours on our website if you search for your class.


When will I receive login information for my class?

You will receive login information the week prior to your class. Unfortunately, sometimes these emails get sent to junk mail, so if you are unable to find your login information email, check in your junk mail before contacting Layer8 Training. If you are still unable to find it, please call or email us and we can help you get ready for class!


How do I access my materials and labs for my class?

All materials and labs are accessed through your Citrix Training account. For our Citrix classes, you need to have a Citrix account prior to taking the class as this will be the location for all materials you need.


Rescheduling a Class

What do I do if I am unable to attend my class?

If you cancel or reschedule less than 2 weeks in advance, you will be charged in full for the training and will have 6 months to reschedule and attend training. You may also send a substitute student in your place if you are unable to attend or no longer need training.


Am I able to reschedule?

Yes! Please contact us a minimum of 2 weeks before your class is scheduled to start to reschedule without penalties.



What is Layer8’s cancellation policy?

If you cancel 2 weeks prior to the class, you will be refunded your entire amount. If you cancel less than 2 weeks before class, you will be charged in full for the training.


Custom Training

Do you offer custom training packages?

Yes! If your company needs custom training or training for multiple students, please contact us at We would love to help you find a solution!



Who do I contact if I am having trouble accessing labs?

If you are having trouble accessing labs, please submit a “Classroom Support” ticket on Training.Citrix.Com and then contact us for assistance.


What if I can’t find my login information?

Our login information is sent through email the week prior to your class. If you are unable to find this email, please check your junk email. If you still are unable to find your login information email, please contact us at or send us a text at 949-267-3058.



How do I share feedback on my class?

We love when our students share their feedback on a class! If you’d like to email us, please contact us at, or submit a form on our website. We also accept reviews on our Facebook page.