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New Features in Check Point Quantum R81x

New Features in Check Point Quantum R81.x

The Check Point Quantum R81.10 release provides a myriad of updated functions and capabilities in the kernel operating system. From a purely “management” aspect, several key features have been rolled out in the Smart Console making the job of an administrator more efficient and straightforward. The below three enhancements may stand out for administrators, but […]

New Check Point Certification Model

Effective January 31, 2021, Check Point is changing their Certification model. Introducing these changes will encourage partners and students to maintain active Check Point certifications and expand their knowledge on more technology beyond the core network security training. Key changes to the program include: • Allowing security professionals with active core certifications to extend the […]

Creating Objects within the Check Point SmartConsole

Check Point policies revolve around Objects which allows an administrator to filter traffic based on which object represent the source or the destination. Some objects, like Security Zones, services and application, etc., are available by default when a site is first deployed. Deployment specific objects like Networks, Host objects, IP Address ranges, etc., must be […]

SmartConsole Administrative Tasks – Check Point

I often get questions about the differences between the R80.10 and the newer iterations, especially from a SmartConsole perspective and my answer is “Nothing significant.” While there are numerous changes at the kernel level and with added performance enhancements, there is little difference in how administrative tasks are completed via the SmartConsole. For instance, R80.40 […]