Layer8 Citrix Instructors

Congratulations to Our Citrix Instructors

Each month, Citrix honors Triple NetScore CCIs. Triple NetScore CCIs are Citrix-Certified Instructors that meet the difficult task of achieving a perfect week of teaching–meaning that all of the Citrix Instructors’ students would likely promote their class or teaching abilities to other friends or colleagues.


Specifically, these CCIs needed to receive a 100 NPS (Net Promoter Score means how likely a student would recommend the class to their colleagues), 100 Net Instructor Score, and 100 Net Course/Lab Score. Not a small task for an instructor.


Fortunately, Layer8 Training has some of the highest quality Citrix Instructors and 3 of our 4 full-time Citrix instructors achieved this enviable score in the month of July: David Dartt, Rhonda Rowland, and Matthew Jones!


Though we aren’t surprised–our Citrix instructors are talented and work tirelessly to provide quality training to all of our students–we would like to recognize them as some of the best Citrix-Certified Instructors in the business. And we aren’t the only ones that know it!


To reach the level of Citrix-Certified Instructor is not a small task. Each of our instructors is required to take lots of courses, exams, and keep up on their continuing education in addition to teaching Citrix training. These instructors have to display an intense knowledge of all things Citrix, including virtualization, networking, or mobility. With each track, they are required to take at least one exam, sometimes three, to be considered eligible to teach a Citrix training class.


Simply knowing the subject material is just the start of being a Citrix-Certified Instructor. Not only do they need to be extremely knowledgeable about the course material, but they need to be engaging, have real world experience and have superior courseware and lab knowledge.


Thanks to our extremely intelligent, experienced, and wonderful Citrix Instructors for all of their hard work. Be sure to comment below and give a shout-out to your favorite Layer8 Instructor.


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